Knitting Ministry

While prayer shawls are our first love, we continue to seek new ways in which we can share our talents with the larger community. One of our earliest ventures was support for the Christmas at Sea program, sponsored by Seamen’s Church Institute.  Since the Spanish American War in 1898, this mission of the Episcopal Church has been distributing hand knit garments to mariners who are far from home at the holiday season. The knit garments are symbols of SCI’s mission of hospitality.  At Trinity, we make hats, scarves and cowls to support this program.

Closer to home, we’ve been making items for the Visiting Nurse Service of New York (VNSNY).  The receiving blankets, baby hats and booties support the Nurse Family Partnership program that serves pregnant and newborn mothers. Hats, mittens and scarves for older children become part of the FRIENDS program which serves children who are either receiving care themselves or who have a family member who is receiving services from VNSNY.

 We are also part of a nation-wide program that focuses on preventing child abuse, known as the "purple hat" project. The program is sponsored by  and was developed to help new parents understand and cope with the leading trigger for infant abuse: frustration with infant crying. Helping caregivers to understand this normal part of an infant’s development (which usually disappears by four months) is a key to preventing Shaken Baby Syndrome. Infant sized purple hats are made for hospitals in our state to distribute to all children born in the months of November and December.

We welcome all skill levels from beginners to expert.  If you haven't practiced your craft in some time,  we can help you refresh your talents and we have patterns for simple projects to help you get started again.  If you haven’t learned a needle skill in the past, we'll teach you!  And we’re always happy to accept donated materials – just bring them to a meeting or to a Sunday coffee hour (10:45 AM, Parish Hall).